Senior Backend Developer

Sign Pro Europe  Sp. z o.o. is looking for its client We Are Xi. We Are Xi  are an interactive technology company creating pioneering, fun experiences for some of the largest brands in the world by pushing the boundaries of what is possible using web technologies. With a close knit, multi-disciplined development team and an ever-expanding client base, were looking for a talented developer to jump aboard and help us achieve our aim of making Xi the best possible solution for interactive experiences at major events, retailers and attractions. All our custom applications for clients are built upon our existing platform which is a vast code base and very powerful. We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer to become the most senior developer on the team and have a full understanding of our platform, help decide on new features and work with offshore developers.

We are based in offices in Wimbledon, however we will accept full or part time remote developers working anywhere in the world.

There is a huge opportunity to grow within this role and become the Head Of Development for the business within 2 years.

Senior Backend Developer
Work place: Stary Brześć
The Role
  • Managing the backend our backend system, built on PHP/Symfony3
  • Writing and planning backend code for new products and functionality.
  • Mashing up interesting APIs like Dropbox, Twilio, Instagram, Twitter and loads more
  • Working with the frontend developers who are building new products, immersive experiences and impressive new features using bleeding edge technologies like Electron, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Redux, Yarn, Canvas, WebGL, three.js and more.
  • Managing the server infrastructure on Azure.
  • Integrating the experiences into our backend system, built on PHP/Symfony3.
  • Playing a role in thinking up awesome new features for our rapidly growing client base.
  • The role will be 80% development with 20% working with the production and management team to scope out new products and features.
  • Our ideal candidate would not only be able to work on the backend but also help build products in React, NodeJS, WebGL and three.js.
What are we looking for?
  •  You must be able and willing to work flexible hours when necessary
  • You must have at least 4 years relevant experience
  • Good knowledge of a modern composer-based framework like Symfony2+, Laravel
  • Good knowledge of MySQL (or similar DB)
  •  Knowledge of a Javascript framework, like React, AngularJS, Vue etc and JavaScript ES6 & ES7
  •  Familiarity with node tools like Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/npm/Yarn
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration, TDD and agile development
  • A desire to write exceptional code and understanding of common design patterns
  • Experience of Azure
  •  Experience managing dev ops
  •  Git
Our dream candidate would also…
  • Love playing with new integrations and trying out new libraries
  •  Have experience tinkering with Raspberry Pi / Arduino / Kinect
  • Know about 3D/2D image processing using three.js, OpenCV, WebGL
  • Interest in cameras and photography
  • C++
  • Experience managing offshore teams
  • Is a real team player with great social skills
  •  Has a sense of humour and a gif for every occasion
What are we offering?
  • Competitive salary
  •  A day off and a £50 treat on your birthday!
  •  Working in a multi-disciplined, highly skilled development team where everyone learns from each other and has an opportunity to try new things outside their expertise
  •  The opportunity to help take a company from a small start up to a world-renowned business
  •  Regular happy hours and social events with the team including 2 official company social events per year.
  • £100 wellness perk
  • Attendance at world-recognised events