Talent C++ Mentor

You know that learning, deepening your knowledge and constant progress was always and in fact it is still important in your life. Maybe there was somebody who supported you in your IT career decision or simply they advised you to become an IT Specialist. Now you are a successful developer or a manager.


Currently you can be such a person for our students. You can become Talent C++ Mentor. You can share your C++passion with other people and you are able to shape their IT future career but also IT world. We would like to invite you to the challenging project where you will be developing your soft skills while making others develop their hard skills.


We will be supporting you in your project management career path. Now we believe in you as much as earlier somebody else believed in you :)


If you want to work with our students 20 hours per week and additionally you would like to develop your own projects, now you can do it.


For our Business Partner- Codecool, we are looking for

Talent C++ Mentor
Miejsce pracy: Kraków

The company is a growing network of international coding schools in the EU. Our mission is to reinvent IT education and solve the ever growing IT talent gap of companies by giving coding careers for a wide range of people. Codecool is already present in 4 countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania & Austria). We changed the lives of more than 2000 students through coding by providing trainings and jobs for them.


Your role

Our C++ mentor will take part in our brand new C++ Academy where we offer a 24 weeks long course for our students. You will work with a small group of students (16-20 people) in a hybrid mode. You will be responsible for preparing them for their first C++ programmer job.

The C++ Academy started in May, and we are looking for a mentor who will cover the Advanced module of the course, that starts on the 5th of September and finishes at the beginning of November.


What are the topics our students will learn with your help?
  • in the 3rd module students will learn advanced C++ topics (6 weeks)
  • in the last 4th & 5th modules students will learn basics of Linux/Unix OS and computer networks 
General information about the course:
  • structure of the course: every second week will be an online, self-instructed week for the student, on the other weeks they will be working in teams on projects in the office (Krakow)
  • this is a full-time course, meaning the students and the mentors are working together between 9AM and 3PM

You could be a great mentor if:

  • You are familiar and comfortable with talking about these topics:
  • Advanced C++: Lambda expressions, Exceptions handling, File operations, Design patterns, Application, program, process & thread, Synchronization, Design Patterns support concurrent programming, Parallel programming
  • Linux/Unix: Basic Unix commands, Basic file operations, Basics of VIM editor, Basics of Grep, Basics of shell scripting
  • Computer Networks: Model OSI/ISO, Addresses: MAC i IP, Broadcast & multicast, Protocols: IP, TSC, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, 
  • You speak Polish 
  • You enjoy connecting with people more than writing code 8 hours a day
  • You have experience with juniors, maybe you were the one who helped their onboarding in your previous teams (Good news: this is not a must-have requirement! We are happy to teach you how to be a great mentor!)
  • You believe in practice-oriented learning (maybe you also learned programming in this way)
  • You agree with the quote: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
  • You could allocate at least 20 hours/week for this project, but we are more than happy if you would like to work us in full-time
What does it mean to be a mentor in Codecool?
  • Your main focus will be on the students: sometimes you will do frontal sessions, but usually you will act as a senior developer who can facilitate the work within the teams or helping students if they are struggling
  • You will be responsible for reviewing the projects of our students and assessing their knowledge at the end of every module
  • When you are not with the students, you will have some meetings with Codecool colleagues, talking about the performance of the students
W celu wzięcia udziału w rekrutacji należy wyrazić zgodę na przetwarzanie danych w tej rekrutacji. W innym przypadku Państwa aplikacja zostanie usunięta z systemu.

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